14 Questions to Turn Scrambling Eggs Into An Educational Activity

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14 Questions to Turn Scrambling Eggs Into An Educational Activity

Here at TippyCo we love turning everyday events into fun educational activities. You can get so much learning done just by going about your normal routine.  For example, let’s pretend you are in the kitchen with your toddler and you are making a quick dinner of cheesy scrambled eggs. Obviously, you’ve already won THE COOL PARENT AWARD because breakfast for dinner is one of the best things ever….:)

Get your toddler in a safe place to help you and start your way down this list as you cook.  Use these 14 questions as a jumping off point, but be sure to head down whatever seems to spark your kid’s interest. Sometimes they might be into the counting, sometimes they might want to talk to you about living on a farm. Remember this is just a fun and easy guide.

  1. What farm animal lays eggs?
  2. Where do chickens live?
  3. What sounds do chickens make?
  4. What does your child think chickens eat?
  5. What color are the eggs?
  6. How many eggs are in a carton?
  7. Can your tot help count out how many eggs you will need?
  8. What color is the inside of egg?
  9. What is the yellow part of an egg called?
  10. Ask them help you stir the eggs.
  11. Can they shake a little bit of salt and pepper into the eggs?
  12. Can they sprinkle in some cheese?
  13. What is cheese made from?
  14. Taste the cheese together! What does the cheese taste like?

Did you know that just by making an easy quick dinner together and engaging your tot in the process you have worked with your child on their math skills, their verbal skills, and their gross and fine motor skills?  You’ve also engaged in sensory play, and helped your child become less of a picky eater. YOU ARE ROCKING THIS PARENT THING!

The great thing about kids is that while you are helping them learn, they are helping you remember just how fascinating it is that chickens lay eggs, how mind-blowing it is that the inside of an egg is YELLOW, and hundreds of other small details that we take for granted throughout our days.

Now go forth and enjoy those tasty scrambled eggs!

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