2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Kindergarteners

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Kindergarteners

Kindergarten is such a fun time in a kid's life. They have fully transitioned from a toddler into a child and are so eager to learn and be a part of everything. By this time, they are well aware of what the holidays are and that Santa is on his way!

Without further ado, here are some ideas for Santa's helpers.


Something they Need

Help your kindergarten-aged child feel like a big kid with some of these changes to their space. 

Sky Castle Print: It's time to update your nursery and turn it into a kid's room. This whimsical print is sure to add some flair to any child's space. 

Bedding set: Keep those room updates coming with new bedding. We love this fun dog set.

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Bedding

Sleeping bag: Sleepovers are on the horizon. Be prepared and ensure comfort with a new sleeping bag.

TippyCo Kindergarten Holiday Guide Sleeping Bag

Easel: Surprise your budding artist with their own easel. Great for allowing your kid to stand they paint and draw. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Easel

Something they Want

This selection of items is all about having fun while learning. 

Tap and Tack Toy: Containing real tacks and a small hammer; this is no baby toy! Perfect for helping your kindergarten work on their hand-eye coordination as well as their STEM and artistic skills; this tap and tack toy will provide hours of fun. 


Magna Tiles: Looking for a toy that your child can build with, learn important STEM skills with, and still use while traveling? You can't go wrong with Magna tiles. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Magna Tiles

Soccer Goal Set and Soccer Ball: Help your Kindergartner get their energy out and work on their coordination and strategy with a quick game of soccer. These nets are portable making them perfect for your backyard or park. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Soccer Goals

Space City Marble Run: Work on STEM skills such as spacial reasoning and 3-D thinking while having a ball with this glow-in-dark marble run. 

TippyCo Kindergartener Gift Guide Space Run

Puzzles: Great for quiet play or to do together, you can't go wrong with a puzzle. They also improve motor skills and help your kindergartener work on problem solving. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Puzzle

Classic Board Games: Start a family game night tradition and work on strategic thinking with classics like Sorry and Guess Who?.  

TippyCo Holiday Gift Guide Sorry

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Guess Who

Something to Wear

We love to get creative in this section and to make it about more than just clothes. 

Kind shirts: Help a kid in need and spread a wonderful message with a t-shirt from the Kind Project. 

TippyCo Kindergartener Gift Guide Be Kind Shirt

Slippers: Keep those feet nice and toasty on Christmas morning with a new pair of fleece-lined slippers. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Slippers Image

Personalized Apron: Your little sous chef will feel extra special in the kitchen with their very own apron. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Apron

Sunglasses: It's never to early to protect your kid's eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Plus, your kindergartener will feel so cool in their new shades. 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Sunglasses

Something to Read

The books in this section will engage your kindergartener's mind and keep them asking lots of questions!

The Leopard’s Drum: A traditional tale from West Africa, this is a story about how a very small tortoise outwits the boastful leopard.

What On Earth? Water: Explore, create, and investigate: Perfect for any kid with an inquisitive mind this book is full of experiments based on water.

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide What On Earth Water 

Hello Atlas: Look into the lives of children all over the world with this beautiful book.  It also comes with a free, downloadable app for iOS and Android that allows you to hear the phrases in the book, each recorded by a native speaker.

TippyCo Kindergartener Gift Guide Hello Atlas

The 50 States Fun Facts: Learn fun, sometimes odd, facts about the USA. A perfect way to introduce your kindergartener to all the states in the union and what makes them unique. It also comes with a fun puzzle. 

TippyCo Kindergartener Gift Guide The 50 States Fun Facts 

Stocking Stuffers

Who says stocking stuffers have to be kitschy, boring, or a food item? Check out these ideas for some fun little gifts. 

Glow-in-Dark Stars and Planets: Is your kid fascinated with space? Fill their room with their own little planetarium.

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Glow in the Dark Stars

Band-aids: What kid doesn't love having their very own box of band-aids? 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Band-aids

Robot Bath Bomb: Make bath time fun and relaxing with this lavender and chamomile bath bomb.  

TippyCo Kindergarten Guide Guide Robot Bath Bomb

Go Fish Cards: Use this classic game to beat away boredom. Great for restaurants! 

TippyCo Kindergarten Gift Guide Go Fish


If you do purchase an item from the gift guide that comes from our store use the code GiftGuide18 for a 10% discount on your entire order now through Dec 21st 2018.


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