Our Rainbow Mobile is a Beautiful Convergence of Color, Art, and Science

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Our Rainbow Mobile is a Beautiful Convergence of Color, Art, and Science


This beautiful wooden mobile from HABA is one of the first items we wanted to bring to TippyCo. We could not resist this beautiful convergence of color, art, and science. Watching these brightly colored balls swing around and slowly rotate through the air is mesmerizing.

Mobiles like this, created with suspended bars balanced with weighted objects hanging off the ends, are known as Calder Mobiles. They are named for the American Sculptor Alexander Calder. He was the first person to create mobiles made of levers balanced in equilibrium and his creations now hang in the various art galleries across the country.

You don’t need a science or design degree to appreciate all that this vibrant rainbow mobile has to offer. It’s a wonderful piece to hang over a crib or a changing table. It is also a great addition to any playroom or homeschool room. For babies, this piece will provide endless entertainment as they watch in wonder as this mobile hangs overhead. Keep the fun going with your kids as they grow older and use this Calder mobile as a learning tool. It can be used as jumping off point to discuss several STEM and design topics such as scale, balance, rhythm, repeating patterns, size, and movement.  It is also a fantastic way to teach kids colors.

Personally, we’ve hung this mobile in our nursery and it now hangs in our playroom. We hope you all get as much enjoyment from this piece as we do!

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