Ten Indoor Activities To Do With Your Toddler

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Ten Indoor Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Is winter driving you stir-crazy? Here are ten activities that can be done indoors with your toddler. They are fun, work on different skills, and best of all require minimal to no set-up.

Have fun!

Bake and decorate treats together. This activity works on motor skills such as pouring, stirring, and hand/eye coordination. It will also help work on creativity. Don’t feel like you have to bake from scratch! I love going to the store and getting break and bake sugar cookies or a cupcake mix and then decorating from there. 

TippyCo Cupcake

Read Dear Bunny... and make a list together of all your favorite things and activities. Reading together helps to bond you and your child, works on verbal skills and helps set your child up to be more successful at school. Listing favorite activities and items will help work on verbal skills and emotional skills such as cultivating gratitude.

TippyCo Dear Bunny... Cover

Color a picture to give to someone you love. Coloring helps your child unleash their creativity and works on motor skills such as gripping a crayon. 

TippyCo Toddler Coloring

Pick up a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store. When you get home, stop to smell the roses and count out how many flowers there are, how many green accent pieces are in the arrangement, etc. When you stop and smell the flowers, you are working on several things. You are engaging your child’s senses through sight, smell, and feel. When you stop to talk about the flowers and count them you are working on verbal and early math skills.

TippyCo Flowers

Make a milky decaf tea and have a tea party. This is a favorite in our house and is a great way to bond with your child and expose them to new foods and drink. Allowing them to experience lukewarm liquids and new tastes engage the senses and will help prevent picky eating.

TippyCo Milky Tea
Buy a pack of M&Ms and sort and count the colors. Make a fun image on a plate using the candy. This tasty activity works on sorting, colors, and patterns. These are great early math skills. Working with the small M&Ms also works on motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

TippyCo M&Ms
Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and find all the red, pink, and white items. This is a great activity to play with a cooped up kid during the winter. Run around the house and gather the items. This works on counting, sorting, colors, and of course, releases energy.

TippyCo Pink Scavenger hunt

Grab pillows, couch cushions, and blankets to make an obstacle course or fort. This classic activity is another good one to expend pent-up energy while focusing on imaginative and creative play. Kids are also working on concepts similar to those they use in block play like design, spatial organization, and balance.

TippyCo Pillow Fort
Put on some music and have a dance party. I love this activity for when everyone is in a grumpy mood. Throw on some happy tunes and everyone gets to be silly for a little while. It can really turn a bad afternoon around. 

TippyCo Girl Dancing

Draw some shapes on paper (hearts anyone :) ) and have your toddler use stickers to follow the outline or fill in the inside. No one loves stickers more than a toddler. This activity works on their fine motor and concentration skills.

TippyCo Sticker Activity


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