The #1 Toy You Should Buy For Your Kids

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The #1 Toy You Should Buy For Your Kids

Blocks. If you were only going to give your child one toy in their life, you would want it to be a set of blocks.


When your child plays with blocks, they have the ability to tap into every single aspect of their development.

By picking up blocks, dumping out blocks, and working on block placement your child is working on their fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Blocks encourage imaginative play and creativity. While as parents we might just see a kid on the floor moving around blocks, your child sees is a tower that is being attacked by an evil dragon or some loose farm animals that require a fence. The sky is the limit on how your kids might arrange and use blocks alongside their imagination.

Blocks teach your kids math and science in a fun and accessible way. Listen to what your child is saying while playing. "I need two groups of four to build a tower.", "I can build my blocks this high before it falls.",  "I have ten big blue blocks and four small red blocks." While they are using their blocks your child is working on concepts such as sorting, counting, color, balance, spatial orientation and cause and effect.

Additionally, block play helps kids work on their social and verbal skills as they build and create stories together.

What kind of blocks should you buy?

The great thing about blocks is that there are so many options. We stock two kinds in our store: brightly colored wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes and wooden STEM blocks. However, there are all kinds of options out there. It’s really all about what works for you and your family.  So, in conclusion, go out there, buy some blocks, and get busy playing!    

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