The Benefits of Black and White Board Books for Babies & Preschoolers

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The Benefits of Black and White Board Books for Babies & Preschoolers

At Tippy Co we stock awesome black and white board books from Wee Gallery. These slide and play books are amazing for newborns through preschool! These books can be used as a fun tool to play, bond, and work on development with your babies and toddlers.

Wee Gallery Lion SlideWhen babies are first born they have very limited vision. In their first few weeks of life they can see about 10 inches from their face; everything else is just a blur. Since their eyes aren’t fully developed, babies are only able to see in black and white until they are around 4 months old.  Since they have such limited vision, experts recommend working with your baby on developing key visual skills such as; focusing, holding a steady gaze, and tracking objects with their eyes. A great way to work on this is by showing your baby high-contrast images, such as bold black and white pictures. Our Wee Gallery board books feature beautifully rendered black and white illustrations; making them a great tool to work with your newborn on their visual development.

Wee Gallery Board Books OpenAs your baby gets older you can start to utilize more of the features in these slide and play books. Each of the whimsical drawings in these board books have sections that slide up and down, coming together to reveal an animal. Sliding these sections around will help older babies and toddlers work on their fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and cognitive development.  Besides working on moving pieces up and down to create animals, each of these books gives a short hint about each animal that needs to be created. This helps your pre-schooler learn their animals and their traits. This is a great way to further work on child’s cognitive development.

Finally, reading aloud to your young children is not just a wonderful way to bond but also an excellent way to work on speech and language skills. The more you read aloud to your babies, the better their grasp of language becomes.  

These Wee Gallery creations are sure to be a hit with your family through infancy and beyond!

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