2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies


The holidays + precious little babies = absolutely heart-melting.

It’s so fun to get cozy and enjoy this festive time of the year with our bundles of joy. I think a baby’s first Christmas is always a magical but slightly confusing time; especially in regards to gifts and traditions. How much are they comprehending, should I get them anything, are they understanding this is a special event? Babies do understand when something is joyful and happy, and so they can participate in their own ways.

Last Christmas was our daughter’s first, and I will always remember how enchanted she was with all the twinkling lights. It was so fun to walk around with her in the stroller and just take it all in. I also remember perusing the internet trying to decided what was a good gift for a baby? We ultimately went with lots of books and things she could grow into.

However, being a more seasoned parent, I now have lots of ideas for the perfect Christmas gifts for babies!

Without further ado here is your 2018 TippyCo Baby Gift Guide.


Something they Need

I love this category because it seems that a baby's needs  are constantly changing! Last year we bought G her high chair for her needs category. This category is truly endless for babies.

Mobile: Keep your baby entertained for hours with this bold bright HABA mobile. 

Swaddle blankets: These have endless uses: use them for swaddling, use them to lay baby on the ground to play with, use them as a nursing cover. The best part is that baby never really grows out of using them. We still use them has a blanket on our early morning strolls with our 1 year old. 

TippyCo Gift Guide Swaddle

 Wash Clothes: You can never have enough wash clothes, especially when your baby starts eating food. We love these soft bamboo ones, perfect for a new baby's skin and environmentally friendly. 

TippyCo Gift Guide Wash Clothes

 Baby lotion: Help your fussy baby sleep with this lavender lotion. We used this almost every night and it smells AMAZING.  

TippyCo Gift Guide Lavender Lotion


Something they Want

This category is really full of things that make life so much fun!

Bath Toys: Bath time goes from a chore to fun with these adorable animal bath toys. We use them to turn our tub into the prefect backdrop for singing old McDonald.  

TippyCo Gift Guide Bath Toys


Skwish Ball: Help your baby work on their fine motor skills while having fun with this all natural wooden skwish ball. 

TippyCo Gift Guide Skwish Ball

Wooden Wobbal Toy: Great for teaching your baby cause and effect, this toy will entertain babies, toddlers, and adults alike. 

TippyCo Gift Guide Wobbal Toy

Busy boards: Busy boards are a great way to keep your baby entertained while helping them work on sitting or standing and their fine-motor skills. Also, it is a great way to keep your baby occupied while you cook some dinner. You can find great ones online or even build your own. 

TippyCo Gift Guide Busy Board


Box of tissues:  Pulling out tissues and stuffing them back in provides endless fun and sensory play for baby with very little effort. Keep your little one occupied all of Christmas morning and beyond. TippyCo Gift Guide Tissues


    Something to Wear 

    This category can cover a lot more then just clothes.

    Bibs: We love these bibs. They can be rinsed and hung out to try between uses and then you can just throw them in the wash once a week. Definitely a family favorite. 

    TippyCo Gift Guide Bib

    Bows and Headbands: If your baby keeps their bows in their hair this is a fantastic gift. 

    TippyCo Gift Guide Bow

    Christmas PJs: We give a new pair of holiday PJs every year in our house. It's never too young to get in on the tradition.  

    TippyCo Gift Guide Christmas PJs

    Something to Read

    My favorite category! Can there ever be enough baby books?! The answer, by the way, is NO :)

    Wee Gallery Board Books: These are the perfect gift for a new baby! Their bold black and white images are easy for an infant to see and their sliding panels help work on fine motor skills.

    TippyCo Gift Guide Wee Gallery

    Dr Seuss Box Set: Great for helping baby learn new words and a favorite in our home. This set includes: Hop on Pop, Oh, the Things You Can Think, Ten Apple Up On Top!, and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff.

    TippyCo Gift Guide Dr. Seuss Box Set

    Technicolor Treasure Hunt: Help baby learn their colors with this visually stunning book. 

    Counting: Learning numbers becomes fun with this boldly designed board book. 

    Indestructibles: These books are wonderful for babies. They can be chewed, ripped, etc and they stay in one piece. They are even washable! 

    TippyCo Gift Guide Baby Faces Book

      Stocking Stuffers

      Fun small, but not TOO small, items for babies to eat and play with.

      Teethers: These silicone teethers are a wonderful idea to put in baby's stocking. The Polar Bear teether is particularly festive! 

      TippyCo Gift Guide Teethers

      Puffs: Oh boy, do babies love Puffs! A container of these is the perfect sweet treat to add to a stocking. 

      TippyCo Gift Guide Puffs

      Pop Pacifiers: Have a baby that uses a pacifier? Add a new one to the mix. These pacifiers are great because as soon as they fall out of baby's mouth they pop closed. This clever design helps keep your baby's pacifier clean. 

      TippyCo Gift Guide Pop Pacifier

      Num Num GOtensils: Perfect for a baby who is starting to eat and learning to self-feed. 

      TippyCo Gift Guide Num Num Gotensils

        If you do purchase an item from the gift guide that comes from our store use the code GiftGuide18 for a 10% discount on your entire order now through Dec 21st 2018.

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