2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

When your little baby becomes a toddler the holidays seem to become even more magical. Suddenly, they understand that this is a special time of the year. They get excited for Christmas trees, baked goods, songs, movies, and, of course, a visit from Santa Claus himself!

Here's a little guide to help Santa and his Elves this holiday season. 

Something they Need

Going from babyhood to toddlerhood comes with all kinds of new experiences. Set them up for success with something they need. 

Membership to a Zoo or Children's MuseumYour child is finally down to just one nap a day, leaving you plenty of time to have adventures together! Save money and keep the fun going visit after visit with a family membership to the zoo or children's museum.

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Children's Museum

Lunchbox Keep your sweet toddler from turning into a hangry monster and  your trips budget friendly by packing your own lunch and snacks. A cute little lunchbox makes everything more fun.

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Lunch Box

Smoothie cup: Keep your toddler's drinks cold while on the go with this cup.

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Smoothie Cup


Learning Tower: Your toddler is eager to learn and be independent. Make helping with dinner fun and easy by getting one of these learning towers. They allow your child to reach the counter in a safe and easy way. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Learning Tower


Something They Want

Toddlers are sure to let you know what they like and don't like; foster their interests and encourage imaginative play with these ideas. 

Wooden STEM Blocks: Build towers or work on letters, numbers, and basic math with these wooden blocks. Sure to provide hours of entertainment. 

Wooden Camera: Kids see us taking photos on our phones all the time. Let them get in on the fun and use their imaginations with this wooden camera. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Wooden Camera

Musical Chicken: Introduce your child to all kinds of instruments with this musical chicken. You will be having family jam sessions in no time. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Musical Chicken


Play Kitchen: Boys and girls will love this play kitchen from Ikea. It's compact size makes it ideal even for small spaces.  

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Play Kitchen


Felt Food: Every kitchen needs food. We love unique options such as brie and crackers for your future foodie.  

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Felt Brie and Crackers

Something to Wear

Toddlers always seem to need clothes in the next size up, however, feel free to take this category beyond outfits. 

Backpack: Perfect for daily adventuring or longer road trips, let your toddler carry their own snacks and toys.  

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Backpack

Shoes: Now that you have a walker, good footwear is an essential. We've been everywhere in these shoes and highly recommend them. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Shoes

Socks: Can you or your kids ever have enough? Now match your little with these twinning pairs. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Socks 

Fun Costume Hats: Help your toddler's imagination run wild with fun ideas and games using these costume hats. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Costume Hats 

Something to Read

Reading is a great way to bond with your toddler. Check out the suggestions below for books that are fun for both kids and adults alike. 

Babak the Beetle: A funny story about a dung beetle and his mystery egg. Boldly illustrated, it will be sure to get a giggle or two out of your toddler. 

TippyCo Babak the Beetle

Make It Grow: Stunningly beautiful and full of Lift-the-flaps, this book about colors and nature will definitely engage any curious toddler's mind. 

TippyCo Make It Grow

Flyaway: A lovely tale about a Princess, her bird, and freedom this book is sure to be a hit. Full of lift-the-flaps and counting, it will keep your young reader interested though out story time.  

TippyCo Flyaway

Dear Bunny: A beautiful story about a girl, her Bunny, and being grateful for all the little things that we have. This book is especially meaningful if your child has picked a rabbit for a lovey. 

TippyCo Dear Bunny

Flip-o-saurus: If your little one is dinosaur obsessed, this is the perfect book. Flip through the cut-page gallery to create your own dinosaur or learn about real ones. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Flip-o-saurus

Stocking Stuffers 

Keep the holiday fun going by filling your toddler's stocking with small items that will delight. 

Stickers: It seems that toddlers can never get bored when stickers are around and they help encourage all kinds of useful skills such as fine and gross motor development. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Stickers

Refrigerator magnets: We love fridge magnets in our house. They are a great way to keep your child entertained while you cook or drink a cup of coffee. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Magnets

Plastic animals: Plastic animals are amazing! Take them in the bath, put them in a sensory bin, take them outside...the options are endless!

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Plastic Animals

Crayons: We love crayons in our house but they always seem to be getting broken or lost. These jumbo crayons should hold up to toddler coloring. 

TippyCo Toddler Gift Guide Crayons

If you do purchase an item from the gift guide that comes from our store use the code GiftGuide18 for a 10% discount on your entire order now through Dec 21st 2018.


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