About Us

Welcome to Tippy Co!

We are a husband and wife team who recently welcomed our little girl into the world. We believe that childhood can be full of beauty and learning. Preparing for our newborn, we realized it was hard to find well-designed items we would want to have in our home. 

We are also passionate about early childhood development and early childhood education. We believe that everyday activities can facilitate learning and you can never go wrong encouraging reading.

Out of this intersection between design and education Tippy Co was born - a place for parents, family, and children to find high quality, well-designed items that help little ones live, learn and grow. 

We see a world where the family home is full of thoughtful, beautiful, well-curated items. These items are not just a delight for the children to use, but encourage engagement and learning with everyone around them.

Good design starts early!


TippyCo Core Principles

  1. We, like Mr. Rogers, believe “play is really the work of childhood."
  2. We believe that play is vital to development.
  3. We believe in learning through play.
  4. We believe that reading is a key part of play.
  5. We believe that children (and parents!) deserve nice looking, well-designed items in their environment.
  6. We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to toys and everything else.