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Babak The Beetle

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When Babak the little dung beetle finds an egg, he's determined to find the owner. But he soon discovers that this mysterious egg doesn't belong to the ostrich, the frog, or the snake. What kind of egg is it? 

Originally published in France, Fred Paronuzzi's humorous tale, paired with Andrée Prigent's bright, graphic art, is sure to bring on a good case of the giggles!

Perfectly suited for ages 4 to 8. 


"This clever book, written by the prolific French children’s author Fred Paronuzzi, intends mainly to make its readers laugh ― to deliver the satisfaction of being in on the joke. In that it succeeds absolutely, and Andrée Prigent’s stylish and witty, modern-looking illustrations only add to the book’s delight."

(Maria Russo, New York Times Book Review)

"Matte-like illustrations feature bright colors that pop against neutral backgrounds, and visual details such as Babak’s googly eyeballs add to the silliness...early elementary students should appreciate this goofy tale."

(Kathleen McBroom, Booklist)

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