TippyCo Draw with Me Dad Book Cover

Draw With Me, Dad! Draw, Color, And Connect With Your Child

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Draw and color side by side with your child with this incredible book! Dads have been drawing and coloring with their kids since the dawn of crayons, but never before has an activity book been made specifically for this purpose. In this awesome and innovative Draw With Me, Dad!, you can easily color and draw "side by side" with your child and create a full scene together. Featuring 50 amazing artworks divided into kid-friendly chapters, such as Imagination, School, and Relationships, dad and artist Chad Geran has created fun adventures that dads and kids will love to color together.

Accompanied by advice from the popular family therapist Jasmine Narayan, Psy.D., you can learn the best ways to connect with your child through drawing and coloring, conversation starters for kids who don't easily share their feelings, and how to keep the conversation going.

Quality time counts, and this is the perfect book for creative dads who love to draw, color, and spend time with their kids! 

Perfectly suited for kids ages 3 to 7 and all dads.

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