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Once, there was a young princess who had a bird. Every morning, she sat beneath the cage and said, "Sing, birdie, sing!" Beautiful birdsongs filled the room until, one day, the princess left the cage unlocked.....Help the bird fly free by exploring the castle and lifting the flaps. A beautifully illustrated story about freedom, this book is sure to to be a pleasure to read. 

As if the book wasn't stunning enough to look at, it also has ten categories to seek and find on every page. This helps to make reading an even more engaging experience for you and your child and also works on counting skills. 

Perfectly suited for children between 3 and 7 years old.


"This account of a princess whose bird has escaped its cage will have no trouble attracting readers' attention....beautifully designed..."


"The "castle's checkerboard floors and geometric spires giving the book a decidedly retro, Mary Blair-esque vibe....The slender, vertical format has a fittingly regal elegance..."

(Publishers Weekly)

"it was amazing. This is technically a concept book (flap book), but it is truly a gorgeous piece of art. Anybody in the field of children's literature, illustration or a parent/caregiver needs this book. It is stunning and ultimately captivating. There is no way a child is going to turn away from Flyaway. Just spectacular."

(Laura H. Goodreads.com)

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